The Mexican Millennial Generation

Today Mexico is on the news all over the world: The War against organized crime seems lost. Violence is taking every way of life in Mexican society. Things look so bad that President Donald Trump has offered American troops to fight with Mexico’s army. People all over ask: When is this war going to end? The answer is difficult to elaborate. The war against organized crime started on December 11 2006. President Felipe Calderon (2006 – 2012) started using the army to stop the drug cartels. It became a war of pain and suffering.

IMG_6930Mexico’s hope in this war is in its Millennial Generation. A generational shift will bring peace to society. The Mexican millennials were born between 1983 and 2005. Those years were marked by a rising individualism and an institutional decadence. During those years Mexico faced many problems specially the loss of its banks because of poor political policies. The economy faced many problems and NAFTA arrived to make things better. The economical alliance with Canada and the USA was very good for Mexican workers and entrepreneurs.

During the Mexican Millennials childhood schools started to stop bullying. Also more care was taken in its literacy. Competition among students became less strict and everyone started wining a trophy. Parents became more involved in kids education. The way the X generation (1960 – 1982) was educated became a shameful way to teach children how to behave. Millennials soon learn that they could become the best the wanted to be. They started to believe that if they had the capacity to dream an achievement they could also have the strength to achieve it.

When Mexican millennials started to become young adults they faced the crude reality: Mexican Institutions were completely destroyed. Huge parts of the Mexican territory were completely lost by the government. They dreamed of a Mexico full of opportunities for their goals and eventually found that it was not going to be that way. Salaries were very low and companies were not facilitating their dream jobs. They could not abandon their parent’s house and it was impossible to commit to a 20 years mortgage. Life seemed more like a nightmare.

Businesses and companies don’t have a good reputation with Mexican Millennials. During their childhood they saw their parents working from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. They also noticed that adults were tired, angry and without accomplishing nothing. They could feel that everyday there was more work and less money. Nobody wants to be like a slave. That’s why they don’t believe that giving your life for a big company is profitable: you will eventually be fired or find yourself without any social benefits. On the other side big companies complain because they lack loyalty and commitment.

Today millennials all over are voting for strong individuals. We can see Trump, Merkel, Putin, Duterte, Lopez Obrador, Bolsonaro and the list keeps on. They are looking for leaders that can give them what institutions are not. A lot of people call them socialist and maybe the term is right. I could also add that a nationalistic speech will make them fall in love with a candidate. They want more justice and less inequality. They dream that any government can give everybody opportunities. It’s important to be able to travel and have time for leisure around the world.

Taking care of Mother Earth is important: No more pollution to achieve profits and mass consumption. Today millennials want to see big companies taking care of the whales and the turtles. I agree with them! Today leading a strong brand doesn’t mean to sell more and report profits: it’s the environment stupid! Every brand that wants to survive the next twenty years will have to be socially responsible. If you want to be present in their buying habits start showing the world what you are doing for the atmosphere.

The Mexican millennial generation has more than 46 million persons. It’s the largest generational market in Mexico. Good news: they are also the best-educated generation in the history of the country. Investing in this generation, as employer and seller could be the best investment any company could do today. Many international companies have decided to stay in Mexico, despite the violence, because of the potential the see in the Mexican millennial generation. With the right procedures any company can create a very strong Mexican millennial workforce and be profitable.

It is very important to keep in mind that in the future the Mexican millennial generation will create new institutions to rule the country. They will lead an era of strong institutions and weakening individualism. They will face their destiny when they became adults and create a new Mexican order. When those times arrive the economy will give citizens a more decent living. Peace will arrive also as families become stronger and children are better educated. Mexico is a great place to invest and to grow. The Mexican millennial generation will achieve it!


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Por más de 20 años se ha dedicado a investigar a las generaciones que actualmente conviven en el mercado latinoamericano. También ha realizado análisis acerca de los ciclos históricos y sociales de México. Ha realizado estudios laborales, sociales, económicos, emprendedores, financieros, diplomáticos y religiosos acerca de cómo cada generación percibe su tiempo y actúa en consecuencia. Es Licenciado en Administración de Empresas egresado del ITESM Campus Monterrey y tiene un Master of Business Administration de Thunderbird. También es egresado del Mount Carmel Training Center, en Haifa, Israel, donde cursó “Emprendedurismo Juvenil como Herramienta para la Erradicación de la Pobreza. Ha realizado estudios de negocios en Francia, Suiza, Panamá, Guatemala, China y Estados Unidos. Ha impartido cátedras acerca de Mercadotecnia Internacional, Política Económica, Historia de México y Administración Financiera. También ha dictado conferencias en universidades nacionales e internacionales, empresas, prisiones, sindicatos, bancos, incubadoras de empresas, centros de investigación, comunidades indígenas y entidades religiosas. Ha escrito cinco libros: Entre los que se encuentran “Las Generaciones Mexicanas: Un análisis de TU actualidad y TUS expectativas” (2014) y “El Millennial con Casa Propia” (2016). Actualmente hace publicaciones en su blog acerca de estrategias para portafolios de inversión y temas generacionales. Su columna “Mundo Generacional”, en los que toca temas de gobierno, generaciones, finanzas publicas y China, aparece en La Revista Peninsular, Red Crucero y MXInfrastructure. En Noticieros Televisa Monterrey aparece en editoriales platicando acerca de las generaciones mexicanas. En el Canal 28 de Nuevo León aparece regularmente en el programa “Charlas de Peso” en donde toca temas de Finanzas Personales.

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