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Mexico and Mexican Generations Decoded: A Crisis (4th Turning) Experience (2.0)

The Mexican armed forces have been fighting organized crime for over 11 years. There are zones that have become too dangerous. The Mexican State is fighting for its survival. Society is getting more community oriented and resolving their problems by themselves. On the other hand, the Mexican economy has grown less than 3% each year. Not enough jobs are created for the Millennial Generation. With the new Special Economic Zones some regions will get new strength to improve their infrastructure and their economy.

Current Mexican generations are facing challenges not seen for the last 90 years. During the last 4th Turning (1911 – 1938) Mexico saw the new order created by Lazaro Cardenas and the PRI Party. After nearly 30 years of fighting, society embraced peace and new institutions started to emerge. Foreign oil companies were nationalized in 1938. “Petroleos Mexicanos” PEMEX was founded giving Mexico the core institution for its economical development. Soon after, a High started and society started a new era of middle class optimism.

The current 4th turning started when President Felipe Calderon from the PAN Party started The War Against Narcs on December 11 2006. Since then, national institutions have been loosing ground to Organized Crime. Political debate has become very hot and controversial. People are expecting more from the government. Former President Enrique Peña Nieto and Congress started structural reforms that in the end were not enough for the country. The media has its own interest and takes sides in the middle of political turmoil. Today five Mexican generations are in the middle of this 4th turning:

Silent Generation (Artist): Born between 1911 and 1938. During their Infancy the Mexican Civil War occurred. They saw the arrival of Lazaro Cardenas to the presidency and how he created a new national order. As Adults they administrated Mexican institutions during the tumultuous Awakening of the sixties and seventies. Among the most known members of this generations are: Jorge Negrete (Actor), Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” (Actor), Juan Sanchez Navarro (Businessman), Maria Felix Guereña (Actress), Octavio Paz (Nobel Price) and Miguel de la Madrid (President).

Baby Boomers (Prophets): Born between 1939 and 1959. During their Infancy Mexico entered World War II and the National Campaign against Analphabetism started. As Adults they organized themselves as individuals to save the victims of the 1985 earthquake in Mexico City. They also modernized the Mexican Institutions. Among the most notable members of this generation are Vicente Fox (President), Francisco Javier Alejo (Ambassador), Ruben Olivares (Boxer), Carlos Salinas de Gortari (President), Beatriz Paredes (Congresswoman) and Luis Donaldo Colosio (Politician).

X Generation (Nomad): Born between 1960 and 1982. During their Infancy the government crushed the Tlatelolco protesters. Also the Olympics of 1968 and the FIFA World Cup of 1970 happened. Currently, as Adults they are living the War Against Drugs and an almost null economical growth. They have become the most entrepreneurial generation in the history of Mexico. Famous members of this generation are: Julio Cesar Chavez (Boxer), Felipe Calderon Hinojosa (President), Enrique Peña Nieto (President) and Lorena Ochoa (Golf).

Millennial Generation (Hero): Born between 1983 and 2005. During their Infancy the 1985 earthquake of Mexico City occurred. Also Vicente Fox became the first President that did not belong to the PRI in the last 80 years. As Adults they will face the next Mexican Awakening in which younger generations (That are not born yet) will defy them. At the end of this Crisis they will have to reinvent the Mexican Institutions that will shape to the XXI century. Some prominent members of this generation are: Jimena Navarrete (Miss Universe), Javier Hernandez (Soccer) and Saul Alvarez (Boxer).

Contemplative Generation (Artist): Born from 2006 until 2029 (Approximately). During their Infancy they are living a crime and violence wave not seen in the last 90 years. Their fathers are forced to over protect them (Helicopter parents). The world is too dangerous for them. As Adults, they will live the next Institutional Decadence and will avoid making structural decisions until it is too late. They are still to young to have prominent members but they will become the best-educated Mexican Generation ever.

Mexican Generations have always had difficult challenges. Mexicans are hard working people. They are willing to do any job: a Mexican never breaks. In the USA they perform the hardest and most exhausting jobs. Great advances have been made in the present time in Mexico, in spite of the hard economical circumstances. That’s why the country is always moving forward. The rhythm of history never stops and the influence of each individual counts a lot. I have always believed that the future of Mexico and the future of the Mexican Generations are brilliant!

Silent: 1911 – 1938 (Crisis) Artist

Baby Boomer: 1939 – 1959 (High) Prophet

X Gen: 1960 – 1982 (Awakening) Nomad

Millennial (1983 – 2005) (Decadence) Hero

Contemplative (2006 – 2029) (Crisis) Artist

NOTE: This article was written on July 2017 one year before the triumph of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The victory of the new President was a landslide. The Mexican people have high hopes on the new leadership. Still, the critical problems in Mexico society are far from being resolved.

Thank you Manuel Martinez Gomez for helping me writing this article.


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Escrito por Edwin Carcaño

Por más de 20 años se ha dedicado a investigar a las generaciones que actualmente conviven en el mercado latinoamericano. También ha realizado análisis acerca de los ciclos históricos y sociales de México.

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